College Credit

Am I Eligible for Advanced-Standing Credit?

Find out if you are eligible for Advanced-Standing Credit by following these steps:
Review list of Career Technical Education (CTE) high school courses to determine if you have taken eligible courses.

Verify that you received a grade of “B” or higher in Career Technical Education (CTE) course(s).
Verify that you earned a raw score of 80 or higher on the standardized VoCATS post-assessment where applicable.
Apply for Advanced-Standing Credit.

High School Courses Eligible for College Credit

Business Technologies

When you have two or more GTCC courses from which to choose for Advanced-Standing credit,
apply for the course within your program of study.

High School Course Community College Course
6311 Computerized Accounting ACC 115 College Accounting
6622 Marketing Management MKT 121 Retailing
6626 Strategic Marketing MKT 120 Principles of Marketing
6615 Small Business / Entrepreneurship BUS 230 Small Business Management
6411 Computer Applications I CIS 111 Basic PC Literacy or
OST 136 Word Processing
6412 Computer Applications II CIS 120 Spreadsheets I or
OST 137 Office Software Applications or
OST 233 Office Publications Design
6512 Keyboarding – High School OST 131 Keyboarding or
OST 134 Text Entry & Formatting or
OST 136 Word Processing
6225 Business Management & Applications BUS 137 Principles of Management or
OST 181 Intro. to Office Systems
6341, 6342 Network Administration I & II CIS 174 Network Technology or
CIS 175 Network Management I

Agricultural & Natural Resources Technologies

High School Course Community College Course
6811 Agricultural Productions I & II HOR 118 Equipment Operation and Maintenance
6841 Horticulture I & II AGR 170 Soil Science

Biological & Chemical Technologies

High School Course Community College Course
na 8005 Chemical Process Technology Chemical Process Technology I or Chemical Process Technology II

Construction Technologies

High School Course Community College Course
7720 Construction Core
7721, 7722, 7723
Construction Technology I, II, & III
WOL 110 Basic Construction Skills* or
CAR 110 Intro. to Carpentry*
7720, 7741, 7742 Electrical Technology I, II ELC 113 Basic Wiring I* or
ELC 114 Basic Wiring II* or
ELC 117 Motors & Controls* or
ELC 118 National Electrical Code*
7752 Air Conditioning Technology Engineering I & II AHR 110 Intro. To Refrigeration* or
AHR 111 HVACR Electricity* or
AHR 112 Heating Technology*
7921 Drafting I, 7962 Drafting Architectural II DFT 119 Basic CAD
7921 Drafting I, 7962 Drafting Architectural II, 7963 Drafting Architectural III DFT 151 CAD I or
ARC 111 Intro. to Architectural Technology or
ARC 114 Architectural CAD
*Students who earn National Center for Construction Education and Research Certification and present an NCCER transcript will qualify for these college credits.

Engineering Technologies

High School Course Community College Course
7631 Electronics I,II,and III
7631 Electronics I,II,and III
EGR 131 Intro. to Electronics Technology
7921,7972,7973 Drafting I, Drafting Engineering II, Drafting Engineering III DFT 151 CAD I
7981,7982 Networking Engineering I & II
7981,7982 Networking Engineering I & II
ENG 131 Intro. To Electronics Technology
TNE 111 Data/Computer Networks I

Health Sciences

High School Course Community College Course
7211 Medical Careers I MED 121 Medical Terminology I
7212 Medical Careers II MED 122 Medical Terminology II

Industrial Technologies

High School Course Community College Course
7641,7642 Metals Manufacturing I & II MAC 111 Machining Technology*
MAC 121 Machining Technology II*
*NIMS credential required for advanced standing

Public Service Technologies

High School Course Community College Course
7121 Culinary Arts & Hospitality I
7121 & 7122 Culinary Arts & Hospitality I & II
CUL 110 Sanitation & Safety
HRM 110 Intro. To Hospitality
7111 & 7112 Early Childhood Education I & II EDU 119 Early Childhood Education

Transport Systems Technologies

High School Course Community College Course
7511 Automotive Service Technology I AUT 161 Electrical Systems
7512 Automotive Service Technology II AUT 151 Brake Systems
7513 Automotive Service Technology III AUT 181 Engine Perform. Electrical
AUT 141 Suspension & Steering

Applying for Advanced-Standing Credit


Complete a GTCC PASS
Complete a GTCC PASS (Post-secondary Advanced-Standing Selection) application.
Also available from your High School Counselor.

Eligibility Requirements
Verify that courses taken meet Eligibility requirements.
Your High School Counselor will verify grades and scores.

Keep PASS Application
Keep Student Copy of PASS application for your records.
High School Counselor will submit the original to GTCC Admissions office.

Bring Student Copy
Bring Student Copy when registering for classes at GTCC.
This copy will alert your advisor that you have applied for Advanced-Standing Credit,
preventing registration for classes you may not need.

Associate Degrees

Associate Degrees in Applied Science from GTCC

How will the AAS Degree from GTCC increase my employability?

Over 200 area business and industry partners support the College Tech Prep and A.A.S. programs. These business leaders work with Guilford County educators, ensuring that the curriculum courses and learning experiences develop the employability skills successful employees need.

Local businesses actively recruit GTCC students with A.A.S. degrees. These employers value the knowledge, technical skills, and work experience College Tech Prep students bring to the job. They have confidence that these students can meet the demands of today’s highly technical workplace.

With an A.A.S. degree from GTCC, you can enter the workforce and earn a substantial salary. However, your education doesn’t have to stop there. Employers sometimes offer educational reimbursement, allowing employees to earn additional degrees and/or certifications at no cost to the employee.

If you seek further education or an additional degree, your A.A.S. degree will continue to work for you…

How can an AAS Degree from GTCC help me earn a four-year degree?

Some four-year programs grant junior status to students transferring from GTCC with A.A.S. degrees.

With an A.A.S. degree from GTCC in programs like Engineering, Nursing, Early Childhood Education, or Business, students may receive credit for most, if not all, of their GTCC course work. (See the chart below for details)

Articulation agreements are in place between Guilford Technical Community College and area universities in the following technical programs

Guilford Technical Community College University of North Carolina at Greensboro North Carolina A&T State University
Civil Engineering Technology
Surveying Technology
Bachelor of Science in Industrial
Technology/Construction Management
Electronics Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology/Electronics
and Computer Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology/Manufacturing Systems
Associate Degree Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Associate in Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Science in Human Development
& Family Studies B-K Concentration

Elementary Education K-6

Community Health Education

Bachelor of Science
in Child Development
B-K Certification
Associate in Business Administration Bryan School of Business and Economics